30 Days With Jesus 2018-03-25T19:43:44-07:00

30 Days With Jesus

  1. Jesus coming is predicted
  2. Jesus is born
  3. Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist
  4. Jesus begins His public ministry
  5. Jesus calls His disciples
  6. Jesus talks to a Pharisee and a Samaritan
  7. Jesus delivers the Sermon on the Mount
  8. Jesus heals people in need
  9. Jesus tangles with the Pharisees
  10. Jesus teaches His disciples using parables
  11. Jesus demonstrates His power over nature
  12. Jesus heals many
  13. Jesus feeds 5,000
  14. Peter identifies Jesus as the Christ
  15. Jesus casts out an evil spirit
  16. Jesus teaches on forgiveness
  17. Jesus teaches on the kingdom of heaven
  18. Jesus confronts the rich young man
  19. Jesus sends out His disciples
  20. Jesus teaches how to love and pray
  21. Jesus teaches about Himself
  22. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead
  23. Jesus travels to Jerusalem
  24. Jesus eats the Last Supper
  25. Jesus comforts His disciples
  26. Jesus is arrested
  27. Jesus is put on trial
  28. Jesus is crucified and buried
  29. Jesus rises from the dead
  30. Jesus ascends to heaven